International Education Consultant

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İzmir, Türkiye

Job Overview

In a world where knowledge is the passport to a brighter future, Univerlist stands as a steadfast companion, guiding aspiring students on their academic journeys. At Univerlist we strongly believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to shape the future. We are a passion driven company that is dedicated to expanding the global reach of academic institutions and providing students with the best possible academic resources and support all around the world. Quality education is the foundation of empowered individuals and the first step to changing the world. Therefore, we exclusively collaborate with the foremost institutions that deliver the highest educational standards around the globe. Located in the meeting point of the world, we aim to fulfill the dreams of students and elevate their achievements regardless of their background. Dreams and aspirations do not have borders, education should not have either! 🎓🌏


🔍To further our mission of making education globally accessible, we are seeking an International Education Consultant. If you fulfill the requirements and your beliefs align with our mission, feel welcomed to submit an application. 


🧑🏻‍💼Requirements and expectations:

  • Building strong relationships with our partner universities and gaining a deep understanding regarding what they have to offer is essential so they can be aligning with the student’s requirements and aspirations.
  • Planning a detailed roadmap of the international education process tailored to the student’s needs and aspirations.
  • Expertly managing school and visa application processes, organizing necessary documentation and application forms for each student.
  • Presenting and marketing the academic programs of our partner universities to students with aspirations for studying abroad by guiding them towards their academic goals.
  • Conducting extensive research and gaining a deep knowledge of the educational system.
  • Demonstrating exceptional communication skills across all platforms, including text, phone, and video calls, effectively engaging with universities, students, and other related parties.
  • Possessing strong command of the English language. Fluency in additional languages is a significant asset.


💼Valuable additional assets:

  • Extensive knowledge of the international student consultant industry.
  • Experience in consulting students on their university application process, assisting them in preparing strong applications and navigating complex requirements.
  • A deep understanding of the Edtech ecosystem, including the latest trends, technologies, and tools that can enhance student support and education delivery.
  • Passion for startups and new technology businesses, with a keen interest in exploring innovative solutions to improve the international education landscape.
  • Prior experience as an international consultant, demonstrating expertise in guiding students through their academic journeys and building strong relationships with partner institutions.
  • Leadership experience in managing and motivating teams, with a proven track record of driving team performance and achieving goals.
  • Residing in the city of Istanbul or Izmir.


🙋🏻‍♀️Want to know more about Univerlist?

  • At our company, we are not just talkers. We are DOERS! We roll up our sleeves and get things done 🚀
  • We give importance to independence and freedom, allowing everyone to be their unique amazing selves 👫
  • We are not a common company. We dislike bureaucracy and we have established a modern work culture by empowering our employees to thrive and achieve more successes 🏆
  • We believe in having fun while working. “Happy and productive team, dream job it seems!”🕺🏻
  • We value working as a team to achieve common goals 🎯
  • Our flexible work arrangements allow a smooth and perfect work - life balance🧘🏻‍♀️
  • Our team extends beyond the doors of the office. We enjoy each other's company and friendship that enriches both our professional and personal lives ☕

We are very thrilled to have a valuable addition to our team! We look forward to working with you and reaching new heights! 🏅



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