Univerlist is a gateway to global education, serving as a bridge that connects aspiring students in their educational journey with top tier universities all around the world.

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In a world where knowledge is the passport to a brighter future, Univerlist stands as a firm companion, guiding aspiring students on their academic journeys. We are a pioneering platform that bridges the gap between students and exceptional educational institutions worldwide, encouraging a world-class learning experience that lies beyond geographical boundaries. 

 At Univerlist, we are not just a matchmaker; we are a trusted guide, empowering students to navigate the complexities of international education with confidence. Our team of dedicated education consultants possesses experience and expertise, guiding students through the application process, visa requirements, and cultural nuances of their chosen destinations. 

We believe that quality education should not be a privilege but a fundamental right, accessible to all regardless of their background or location. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the student community, partnering exclusively with institutions that embody excellence and uphold the highest international educational standards. Univerlist is not just an enabler of academic journeys; we are the driving force behind global transformation, empowering individuals to connect, learn, and grow across borders. By connecting students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, we encourage cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and a shared appreciation for the power of education to shape a brighter future.


Some of our partner universities 📚 



   California Institute of Technology                      Stanford University           


                             Manchester Metropolitan University

                             Manchester Metropolitan University       


TBS in Barcelona          

              TBS in Barcelona                                Technical University of Munich                 


At Univerlist, we're not just a group of employees; we're a family of passionate individuals united by a common goal of making a difference in the world. We're fueled by the unlimited energy and enthusiasm of our youth, and we're driven by a shared vision for a better future. We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration, and we're committed to working together to achieve our dreams. We love what we do, and we're excited to see what the future holds.


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At our company, we are not just talkers. We are DOERS! We roll up our sleeves and get things done 🚀

We give importance to independence and freedom, allowing everyone to be their unique amazing selves 👫

We are not a common company. We dislike bureaucracy and we have established a modern work culture by empowering our employees to thrive and achieve more successes 🏆

We believe in having fun while working. “Happy and productive team, dream job it seems!”🕺🏻

We value working as a team to achieve common goals 🎯

Our flexible work arrangements allow a smooth and perfect work - life balance🧘🏻‍♀️

Our team extends beyond the doors of the office. We enjoy each other's company and friendship that enriches both our professional and personal lives ☕